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Your property hunter in Lyon

Your property hunter in Lyon
Miray Rochemont

After over 20 years as an estate agent in London, Miray joined our team of property finder to help our English-speaking-clients find their dream home in France. She will guide them step by step, throughout the hustle and bustle of French property buying with a perfect English and British manners!
Used to the typical English cottage, the Victorian terraced house of Chelsea or the luxurious loft of the City, Miray will be able to dig out this ideal ‘Pied a terre’ in Lyon, the urban flat, the luxurious apartment or the quintessential country house Lyonnaise.
Do not hesitate to contact her for all your property needs from a private home to an investment property in Lyon area.


First step: « Your Wish list »

We determine through a detailed questionnaire and a long discussion to know you, the best area for your search according to your criteria and budget. We need to know your financial plan. We can recommend you experts to help you with your mortgage if necessary.

2nd step: « The search »

After signing the exclusive search mandate agreement we make a selection of all properties that seem to fit your wish list . We pre-visit them and we send you reports with photos, videos and all informations that are important for you on our intranet. We only send reports of properties that match with your budget and criteria.

3rd step: « The visits »

You choose properties you want to visit and we organize visit according to your availability and market conditions.

4th step: « The Negociations »

Our property finder is an expert of real estate in Lyon. She will negociate the price and conditions for you .

5th step: « The signing »

The contract of sale is achieved by a notaire (state-appointed conveyancing lawyer). We assist you throughout the buying process and we can recommend you a notaire.


The search fee is only payable on completion of the purchase, at the signing of the acte authentique. It’s a percentage of the purchase price. Prices exclude taxes and notary fees.


FEES including 20% TVA

Property < 150 000 euros
6000 euros
151 000 < Property < 400 000 euros
4 %
401 000 < Property < 600 000 euros
3.5 %
601 000 < Property < 800 000 euros
3.25 %
801 000 < Property < 1 000 000 euros
3 %
Property > 1 000 000 euros
2.5 %

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